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Contact Searching for a truck wash made simple.

Augsburg, September 2018 – Truck washes are usually concealed along motorways or tucked away in industrial estates. Searching for one along their own route is often not so easy for truck and bus drivers. That was until now! Because on the website, truck and bus wash customers can easily find the right wash station for their needs. The website provides addresses and contact details for thousands of truck and bus wash stations worldwide. Using the function "Search along a route", it is now easy for truckers to find the nearest truck wash in the local area.

With, truck and bus drivers can see all the wash stations at a glance – in over 20 languages. In addition to the thousands of wash stations, the free platform also provides detailed information about the service facilities available at the wash station. An average truck wash usually takes three quarters of an hour. Truck drivers can also use the vehicle washing time for refuelling, showering or for breaks. The service icons on provide a quick overview of each site. The website also displays information about opening hours, restaurants and nearby shops. is not just an information platform, customers can also read reviews from other customers and rate the wash station themselves. At the same time, the directory provides a platform for exchange amongst users.

What offers for wash station operators is a lucrative free facility for wash businesses to advertise their wash station and other services they offer. Operators can easily present their truck or bus wash to potential customers simply by entering location details such as the state, postcode, town or address. Further details, e.g. on the wash programmes, can be added by the wash station owners. Registration and listing of the wash station is also free. This sees the hitherto less prominent truck washing companies and the predominant form of communication by word-of-mouth recommendation being supplemented with a high-quality information network for everyone. Truck wash operators acquire the opportunity to strategically develop their target groups and make them broader. The directory is constantly growing: more and more new stations are registering and existing ones added. The new web portal is aimed not only at WashTec customers, but generally at all operators of truck and bus washes and wash station customers. The rating option gives wash station operators the opportunity to improve their services through feedback.

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