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Successful trade fair appearance for WashTec at Automechanika 2018.

Augsburg, July 2018 - At this year's Automechanika in Frankfurt from 11th to 15th September, WashTec will be presenting operators and prospective customers of the washing business with profitable business concepts for car dealerships. Even small areas, for example, can be used for a self-service car wash.
Higher sales are made possible in any weather with EasyCarWash business concept. "We are looking forward to the international trade audience and to bringing visitors closer to the digital world of car washing with EasyCarWash", said Thomas Brenner, Head of Marketing & Sales Support at WashTec.

EasyCarWash offers car wash customers unlimited washes, allowing operators to increase their profits by 20% or more. With the future-oriented washing concept, operators free their car wash business from the dependence on the weather, season and day of the week. EasyCarWash creates loyal customers and is easy to operate with the help of the EasyCarWash app. This is how operators connect their car wash business with the future.

WashTec innovations for gantry car washes

Operators get a real eye-catcher with FoamTastic, the targeted full-coverage foam experience from WashTec. In addition to FoamSensation, the ultimate foam experience, a foam application is now available, which covers vehicles completely with foam all over even in draughty conditions. Attached to the lowerable contour-tracking FlexStream roof dryer, the chemicals are applied as threads of foam close up to the vehicle. The high degree of precision achieved benefits the foam application and is extremely effective. And what's more even in draughts!

WashTec innovations for self-service car washes

Trade fair visitors get to experience the foam experience for self-service systems with the new power foam combination lance. The patented 2 in 1 combination lance makes self-service washing more convenient. The lance combines the power foam and high pressure washing programmes, allowing easy switch over on the operator terminal at the touch of a button. This makes operation easier for car wash customers, which in turn leads to increased customer satisfaction. The combination lance is also ideal for operators who want to retrofit a power foam option – no additional ceiling gyro is required.

Self-service washing is even more convenient with the new Touch control panel. This allows WashTec to offer unique customer navigation and maximum flexibility in the washing process. With the new full touch display, WashTec reaches the next level in intuitive customer navigation. Probably the most significant new function of the Touch control panel is the "wash navigation feature". This involves car wash customers being recommended the best suited programmes on the basis of the size of their vehicle, and also being guided by the colour concept perfectly through the washing process. With its new HMI terminal and the new self-service combination lance, WashTec is consciously taking the next step towards the future.

WashTec innovations for conveyor tunnel systems

WashTec also presents a profitable business concept for conveyor tunnel systems – the new SoftLine² Xpress Pro car wash concept. Thanks to the innovative linear technology, this new concept makes it possible to realise efficient express conveyor tunnel systems from as short as 42m in length. This means that the Xpress concept pays off even at low investment costs and low personnel costs. The SoftLine² Xpress Pro conveyor tunnel system concept makes car washing possible in spite of confined spaces. WashTec devises profitable solutions together with the customers. However, not only the system installation, but also the optimised use of cleaning chemicals and outstanding washing experiences are part of a complete overall concept. WashTec presented the colourfully illuminated FoamSensation foam curtain and the spectacular LightShow lighting experience for the conveyor tunnel system. Both of which combine to produce a superb car wash experience and make the conveyor tunnel system a real eye-catcher.

WashTec innovations for washing chemicals

AUWA is also way ahead of its time: With its new high-end polymer ShieldTecs, AUWA sets new standards and achieves unprecedented surface sealing. Thanks to the unique OMP technology, ShieldTecs protects the paintwork like a second skin and keeps away aggressive environmental influences such as insects, UV rays and acid rain. This enables operators to offer their customers the best protection for their cars whilst increasing sales. ShieldTecs is the second skin for the paint, because nothing touches it. The ShieldTecs formula is based on a completely new approach that uses advanced OMP technology. OMP stands for "organic modified polymer" and ensures optimum paintwork protection as well as an impressive deepening of the colour. ShieldTecs not only preserves the paintwork surface, but also ensures sustainable long-lasting protection, which is steadily increased with regular use. The high-end polymer ShieldTecs is rounded off with a pleasant cranberry fragrance. "Anyone who wants to shine in front of their customers with intensive paintwork protection and boost their sales at the same time, will find ShieldTecs the perfect choice for the best protection and fast drying", explains Christoph Maletz, Head of the Business Unit Chemicals and Water Treatment.

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